Noah and The Whale from Australia

Are you simply tired of hearing all of the mainstream, over hyped drivel from local "top-100" pop-rock stations? Perhaps you want to be edgier or even more "underground"- at least, you'd like to be able to act like you are both of those things. The problem is figuring out where to start. Being on the inside when it comes to independent rock music- a.k.a "indie rock bands"- sometimes seems overwhelmingly difficult.
Oftentimes, indie fans seem like they come from some type of exclusive society, often frowning down on all those who do not "get it" when it comes to indie music. However, by learning the basics of the indie phenomenon and what it is all about, you will be on your way to being, or at least passing your self off as, a die hard indie fan!
A couple of the new bands include: "I Was A King", "Wild Palms", "Two And A Half White Guys", "Fools Gold" and "Annie And The Beekeepers." Do not forget the new bands that are coming up from other places such as the United Kingdom and Australia. From the United Kingdom comes the new band "Noah and The Whale"; from Australia comes "The Crayon Fields."
It does not matter what genre you listen to because you will find that there are new bands coming up all of the time from Hard Rock, to country, there is something out there for all and any age can find a song that will get them grooving.

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